What do I need to do before next our next progress check, November 18?

1. Between October 28 and November 17 : Continue to develop your PBL/STEM Unit with at least 3 standards based learning activities and assessments. Share with your instructor. Provide/Receive constructive feedback from your instructor. Revise as necessary.

2. Between December 1-5 : Finalize PBL/STEM Unit. Upload your unit with intended activities and assessments to this wiki. Find your page on the right. If you don't see your page, click on "see more."

Follow these instructions to upload and link your unit documents to your page page If you need any assistance at all in uploading your documents, please ask Lorri Blanchard.

For your uploaded products, You may use the Project Planning Template provided by BIE, or your own as long as all the content is there. (All content includes your standards, the activities, resources and your assessments). Note: These can be several different documents, like what you see in the 5th Grade Green City Challenge: