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Many teachers, administrators, and parents may have the wrong impression of Project Based Learning. However, we think there is a place for PBL in every school and grade, and it should be part of the mix of opportunities to learn given to every student" (Project Based Learning for the 21st Century, 2011 pg 10).

What are some misconceptions of PBL?

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Classroom teachers say.....

1. Can work for all kinds of students with the right support.
2. Improve motivation to learn.
3. Can be used to teach academic content standards
4. One of the best ways to build skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.
5. Can include multiple opportunities to integrate technology
6. Learn relevant and meaningful information that connects to the outside world.
7. Promote greater civic participation and global awareness.

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What does it look like

High school


8 Essential Components of PBL

What Every Good Project Needs....

Using the article above, we will divide into groups and each become the expert on one of the eight essential components of PBL.
Please read your section and share on Padlet the important key information that will make a project meaningful, and fulfill an educational purpose.

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